About us

Our most important intent is to inspire our guests, and help them to know how to achieve their goals.

We believe in the process of continuous improvement, so we constantly develop our fitness room to meet the needs of our guests.

Our story

The RB Fitness opened its door on 2nd April 2013. We though that Hajdúszoboszló needs a high-quality gym and this is what we wanted to create.

We started as a family business and after a year already two of us managed the fitness center.

At first, we had a 400 square meter area to welcome our clients. We choose the machines from the market leader company called Life Fitness because we wanted to offer the highest quality.

It turned out really soon that we have to expand the area of the gym because we had too many visitors.

We expanded the area of the gym with 40 square meters half year after the opening. We built our amazing sauna world and we purchased our solarium.

Our most important aim is to make sure that our visitors like to go to our gym and we are able to help them achieve their goals.

We believe in continuous development so we are developing our fitness room continuously in order to completely satisfy the needs of our visitors.

Next to the classic gym equipment we also focus on the group gym classes and on the wellness.

If you would like to have a good workout, you find important the nice atmosphere the quality equipment and the good company we hope you choose us. We’ll make sure that you will leave satisfied and we hope that you’ll choose our service again.

Bence Nagy and Attila Nagy