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1 occasion

3.000 Ft

3.000 Ft

1 month (30 days)

15.000 Ft

18.000 Ft

1 month – loyalty*
(30 days)

13.000 Ft

16.000 Ft

3 months (90 days)

38.000 Ft (12.666 Ft/mo)

47.000 Ft (15.666 Ft/mo)

12 months

148.000 Ft
(12333 Ft/mo)

170.000 Ft (14,166 Ft/mo)

10 occasions (60 days)

17.000 Ft

17.000 Ft

VIP pass (30 days)

25.000 Ft

25.000 Ft



Towel rent

650 Ft

Bath sheet rent

650 Ft

*Chain pass: You can buy it BEFORE your previous pass expires. Please note that if for some reason you do not redeem the chain pass before it expires, we will not be able to provide you with the discount.

Our tickets and passes include the use of the sauna world.

Coffee/0.5 mineral water/shake/ or towel can be selected for the VIP pass.

The monthly pass cannot be paused.

It is possible to eat in the vitamin bar 15 minutes before closing.

In the event of a break, surgery or serious accident, please contact us at the email address or at the reception.

Our passes are personal and non-transferable.

The student discount can be used by a person under the age of 25 with a valid student ID card!

Prices include VAT and are valid from January 1, 2024 until withdrawn.