"A hely, ahol Nagy lehetsz!"

We are looking forward to meeting those who want to work out with the most professional training equipment, saunas and classes

Weight training

We are waiting our guests who are in love with training with the highest quality Life Fitness machines and a barbell training department.

Cardio workout

We have 5 treadmills, 2 elliptical trainers, 2 stationary bikes and 2 stepper for those who prefer cardio or aerobic workout.

Gym classes

We are sure that you will also find the form of movement you like best.

Sauna world

The best thing for regeneration after a hard workout is to spend some time in a sauna. We have 2 Finnish saunas, 1 infrared sauna and a relaxation room where you can take a rest.

Secret of longevity

Thanks to the regular workout you become more powerful, flexible and healthier.

Lose weight

We are sure that you will find the best type of exercise for your body and your mind.

Why RB Fitness?

Our most important intent is to inspire our guests, and help them to know how to achieve their goals.

We believe in the process of continuous improvement, so we constantly develop our fitness room to meet the needs of our guests.



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